Download your photos from Facebook with EXIF data

Posted: 2016-08-19

If you've ever tried to export your photos from Facebook, you know it's a tough problem.

Facebook makes it possible to download a copy of your data on its Settings page.

Facebook download a copy of your data

Check the fine print!

This option exports low-resolution copies of your photos with no EXIF data, making it difficult to import into other photo storage like iPhoto, flickr, Google Photos, and so on.

I built a Facebook Photo Exporter to solve this problem. It lets you easily download all your photos in ZIP format. All photos are tagged with EXIF data such as time taken and location (when possible).

When you log in, it'll show you the photos you're tagged in. These are the ones that will be exported:

Facebook exporter

Then, press the download button:

Download your Facebook photos

Now I have hundreds of EXIF-tagged Facebook photos. Great!

Downloaded FB photos

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